Tyre Speed Rating Guide

On your tyre’s sidewall you'll see a letter (normally at the end, just after the load rating), this is your tyre’s speed rating. The speed rating indicates the maximum speed the tyre can handle. These ratings are set based on tests which engineers are required to run the tyre at 6.2 mph sets in 10 minute increments until the desired speed has been met.

As with load rating, you must be sure when buying a new tyre that you are buying one with the right speed rating for your vehicle. Choosing the incorrect speed rated tyre can impact on your insurance and potentially render it void. Your vehicle’s manufacturer should be able to provide you with the correct speed rating for your model.

To find how your tyre’s speed rating letter translates into mph and kph please see the table below:

Speed rating Speed (mph) Speed (kmh)
B 31 50
C 37 60
D 40 65
E 43 70
F 50 80
G 56 90
J 62 100
K 68 110
L 75 120
M 81 130
N 87 140
P 93 150
Q 99 160
R 106 170
S 112 180
T 118 190
U 124 200
H 130 210
V 149 240
Z 150+ 240+
W 168 270
Y 186 300

If you have any questions regarding your tyre’s speed rating, please feel free to ask one of our specialists by either calling us on 01582 585 845 or filling out our contact form and asking about speed ratings.