Remould Tyres Guide

A quality set of remould tyres – also known as retreaded tyres – are an excellent way of fitting out your vehicle at a nominal price. Whether you're looking for premium tyre at a low cost, or simply want to try out something new without breaking the bank, then remould tyres are something to consider. We stock a wide array of retread tyres and are confident that we have a product to suit any need.

How are remould tyres made?

Retread tyres are made using existing tyres with worn treads. These tyres have their threadbare tread and sidewalls removed and have new rubber moulded to the sturdy tyre carcass. Remould tyres are made to high quality standards and are heavily tested and regulated by the ECE to ensure they are safe to drive. Retread tyres are never made from unsafe or unsound tyres, only those with worn treads.

For more information on the remould manufacturing process, please see the video below.

Who uses remould tyres?

The answer might surprise you! Remould tyres are common both on and off the road, indeed, around 50% of all trucks and buses use retreaded tyres. All major tyre manufacturers design their tyres to be retreaded later on in their service life, with many of these companies also owning their own retreading facilities.

Off the road remould tyres are incredibly common in aviation with most aircraft tyres being retreaded multiple times, while most ground vehicles are only retreated once. Every commercial airline uses retreaded tyres and in fact over 90% of all aircraft tyres are retreads.

How do remould tyres handle speed?

Very well. Remould tyres function like any other tyres, reaching the same speeds as their brand new counterparts. All passenger retreads (with the exception of a few specialist winter and off-road tyres) are speed rated to S (180 kmh – 112mph) at a minimum, with some rated as high as V (240 kmh – 149 mph).

Can you use retreads in the winter?

Of course! In fact it makes a little more sense to do so! If you're looking for increased road safety during the winter months then remould tyres offer excellent cold weather performance without needing to invest larger sums of money into a brand new tyre.

Are remould tyres safe?

Of course! Since 2004 all remould tyres have been manufactured under strict ECE Regulations (ECE Regulation 108 for car tyres and 109 for commercial vehicles tyres.) These regulations which identify the conditions for the approval of individual retreading facilities, meaning that remould producers have effectively become 'licensed' operations, a move which is has made a considerable contribution towards ensuring that the quality, integrity, performance and most importantly, the safety, of retreaded tyres are at least on a par with that of new tyres.